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Are Websites Still Relevant?: The Tech Tea With Kimberly

Listen...never have I had stress like the stress I had when the web site went down.

We worked until 4am to get it back up, and I still sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to make sure it is working.

Yeah, I'll need therapy after this gig is up just for the website alone.

So, let's talk about websites.

When was the last time you went to your company's website?

What did you go there to find?

Is your company's website more for internal use or for an external audience?

Does your company's website make sense?

From a strategic approach, I want to know the answer to these questions along with UI/UX metrics and SEO dynamics. I am fully aware that no one really cares about this, but knowing this makes maintaining sites more purposeful. did a study to see what value they could bring to the website for residents. They focus on making sure the services they provide are easily accessible. They also targeted a younger audience which makes up a larger majority of the mobile users. I like it, and it works.

Atlanta, GA | Home ( has a really nice site also. It's clean and cohesive. You are not all over the place with their site. You get company and customer focus from them and I think they did it nicely.

How important is a company's web presence?

I like getting system health checks. So I did the same for our City of Memphis website. We hired Digital Marketing Agency to give us an audit. The findings were eye opening and gave us 42 pages of recommendations. We are working on a lot of the recommendations internally, but we would need a real strategy to get to where Utah and Atlanta are.

When you think of a really great website, what comes to mind?

What about a not so great one?

Of course, but he's right...

It's also important not to just "be" on the internet, but to be effective on the internet.

No matter if you work for yourself or for someone else, take a look at the web presence.

The website is your internet welcome mat for your business.

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