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The Blog about the Blog: The Tech Tea with Kimberly

I am a southern girl who loves technology but does not like iced tea. If I tell you I'm drinking iced tea, just assume I have been kidnapped and you should send help right away.

Yep, born and raised in Memphis, but iced tea has never been my thing.

I'm more of an iced water type of girl.

Stay with me...

However, when I feel a little cold coming on or any kind of tickle in my throat, I reach for a cup of hot tea. It's medicinal, so I don't have to like it for it to work. Hot tea has become my go to drink to feel better, get well, and stay healthy.

Now we have all heard the urban use of "the tea" meaning "the exclusive drama" .

“hey girl let me give you the tea"

As I celebrate my 25th year as a black woman in this Information Technology world, I most certainly have some exclusive drama. The journey from intern to Chief Information Officer has been full of "it" (see how I did that). I also cannot believe I have been doing this for so long. I remember coding in COBOL and JCL in 1997, but I will get to that another day.


That's what this blog is all's my medicinal space to discuss my technology drama, I mean

This will be my place to feel better after the bumps and bruises of a 25 year tech career. It's my space to get well and to get back up after being knocked down and self-correcting. This is where I will come to stay healthy (mentally, emotionally, self-care, etc.) and inspire others to keep tech alive along with making tech a vibrant career option.

Now have a seat and subscribe so that you don't miss The Tech Tea with Kimberly, where we will take an inside look at tech from my perspective.

This will be a mix of fun, facts and opinions, so don't judge...just enjoy.


Don't Trip, It's Just a Tip...

Working from home, the new normal

The idea of working from home will probably be with us for a while longer, if not forever. This could actually be the best direction for companies and employees. I am encouraging non-customer facing positions (Project Managers, Programmers, Developers, etc.) to continue to work remotely. Technicians and direct service roles never stopped coming into our office during the pandemic (including me), but I think having the hybrid model works. We use our video conferencing tools (Microsoft Teams, GoTo Meeting, etc.) to connect and we have a "hoteling" area for employees to book space if they need to come into the office for meetings with their team, manager, or customers. This model makes everyone feel like we are still keeping safety in mind along with allowing those who need a break from home to come in for the change of scenery.

Survey your employees (I actually did this) to see what they want, and implement a plan that keeps operations going and takes their concerns into consideration.

Here is a nice read if you are an employee working from home.

Here is a nice read if you are managing remote employees.


Tea of the Week: Green Tea

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