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Consultant vs Project Manager: The Tech Tea with Kimberly

Yeah, I have been away so long, that this just about sums it all up. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and will be looking forward to a great 2023!

I have been living, stressing, working, creating, erasing, and starting over again. It's been interesting, but I just keep my seat belt on as I move forward in this world.

  • I'm reading Think Better, Live Better by Joel Osteen.

  • I made me a solo date jar of all the things I want to do this year. I will just pull an activity and go.

  • I am moving forward with consulting

  • I will be curating retreats for leaders

  • I'm getting ready for my first coloring book event of 2023

There has been so much life and loss, that I just want a season of doing only what I want to do.

Now, Let's talk tech...

I have had the opportunity to work as an IT consultant as well as an IT project manager. These are very different roles, but I think companies that hire for these positions get them confused.

"Project managers are hands-on, directly involved in execution, and responsible for the success of a project. Project management consultants offer advice or support. They are more involved in the change and transformation aspect of a project."

I saw this chart in an article and the comparison really resonated with me:

In my opinion, if you only want a Project Manager, don't dress it up as a Consultant. The roles have differences that can lead to no one getting what they expect. These roles should be able to coexist for the best outcome for the client, but if the lines are blurred, there will be obvious inconsistencies.

Job descriptions should be clear, and billability should not be inflated because you refer to a Project Manager as a Consultant.

Not only will the truth set you free, but it will make the work a lot more palatable.

Well, I guess that is all for now. I hope to chime in more in 2023. I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic, so feel free to comment.


If your organization is needing some external IT support, I would love to set up a consultation. Also, it is time to set some goals and get in a little team building. I would welcome the opportunity to curate your next leadership or team retreat.

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