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Employee Engagement: The Tech Tea with Kimberly

I find those social media games where you add up points if certain questions fits you to be interesting.

Let's try one this week.

Here are 10 random statements. Take away a point for each item that does not describe you. Post your total in the comments.

Let's go...

  1. I work in the technology field.

  2. I don't love drinking tea.

  3. I have a social media account.

  4. I know how to clear my cache.

  5. I am a leader/manager for my employer.

  6. I am an entrepreneur.

  7. I love working from home.

  8. I gained some pandemic pounds.

  9. I am computer savvy.

  10. I love candles.

If you played along, you actually learned 10 quick facts about me.

Simple games like this can be a part of your employee engagement activities. A the height of the pandemic, my team and I played virtual celebrity look-a-like, Family Feud, Bingo, and several other games to stay connected. We had fun and learned a lot about each other,

Now that we are starting to come back together, employee engagement is still necessary.

  • It improves productivity

  • It encourages collaboration and communication

  • It builds trust and relationships

  • It improves employee wellbeing

  • It creates job fulfilment

  • It cultivates company culture

  • It reduces employee turnover

  • It improves talent acquisition

  • It attracts and retains customers

  • It builds success

Take some time to reengage with your teams and co-workers. Find out how everyone is doing and learn a little more about each other. It is great to be here to get together again.


Don't Trip, It's Just a Tip...

# Press the Space bar to scroll one screen down on a Web page. Press Shift + Space bar to scroll one screen up.

# When you’re filling in the boxes on a Web page (like City, State, Zip), you can press the Tab key to jump from box to box, rather than clicking. Use Shift + Tab key to jump through the boxes backwards.

# You can switch from one open program to the next by pressing Alt+Tab (Windows) or Command-Tab (Mac).

# Use Ctrl + Tab to switch from one open tab to another in a web browser.

# Pressing Windows button + ‘L’ will lock your computer immediately and you will need password to access it again (if the password is set). This is very useful to quickly lock your PC when you leaving the desk for some time. Memorize it if you are sick of your “friends” posting things on your Facebook/Twitter page from your computer?

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E. Fairley
E. Fairley
30 ago 2021

2…I’m working on those two!🙂

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