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I'm Back (Kinda): The Tech Tea with Kimberly

After being the caretaker for my mother since the end of September, I am trying to get back to normal as much as possible.

I have missed blogging, but to be honest...I just haven't been up to it. 2021 kicked my butt, and that is all the attention that it will be getting from now on.

During the holidays I focused on my mom, connected with my life coach, slept in when I could, prayed a lot more, and just made up my mind to let go.

I am determined to be the CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) of my life and just take it one day at a time.

My theme for 2022 is ORDER. I will be getting myself a lot more organized and getting things in order. It's better to get ready while I have the time. I started with getting my work from home space decluttered on yesterday. I found this book that will come in handy over the next couple of weeks. I will be incorporating some tech options along with the book too (apps, Rumba, Google Nest, etc.).

Share some of your organization tips in the comments section. We could learn a lot from each other.


What's up with me in January?

1. I have decided on what I want my next career move to be. (I put it in the atmosphere).

2. I am also making some plans with K Bailey Business Group.

3. I have two certifications that I am considering.

4. I want to get back to reading.

5. I will be trying something new soon on the Facebook page, so follow, like, and share.

I'm keeping it short and realistic for now.


Oh yeah...


BTW...It snowed in Memphis yesterday, so why not try a hot chocolate and ice cream sundae.

  • A packet of hot chocolate w/marshmallows (I made mine with milk)

  • Ice cream

  • Hot fudge

  • Whip cream

  • Marshmallows

Here is mine... just do you :)

Until next time family.... hopefully next week:)

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