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Keeping Up with IT: The Tech Tea with Kimberly

I love to read, but I have grown very fond of audio books in the last year. Audible is my new friend.

If you have been in transition like me, you have to be very intentional about how you keep up to date with all of the things happening in tech and stay encouraged during your job search.

I wanted to take this time to share some of my resources with you and hopefully you will share some good ones with me.

Lets' go...

  1. Transitions by William Bridges and Susan Bridges

  2. Betrayed by Work by Julia Erickson and Suzanne Vosburg (trust me on this one)

  3. Morning Brew ( (Thanks Tecia Marshall for this recommendation)

  4. CIO ( - The voice of IT leadership) (yeah, it's an acquired taste)

  5. Get Good with Money by Tiffany Aliche

  6. Business Casual Podcast (Business Casual)

  7. Daily Tech News Show (Daily Tech News Show – Helping each other understand)

  8. LinkedIn Learning

I know this list seems all over the place, but I only recommend what I like. Plus, when you are making career moves, you need a variety of resources and support.

I'll give my music recommendations later (you may not be ready for it


After a few months of interviews, I have noticed these are the top two areas to start giving some focus:

  1. Change Management

  2. Managed Services

Get to know as much as possible about these if you are on the job hunt.


One last thing...

I got a Google Nest Thermostat for my home, and I love it.

What is your newest tech purchase?

Until next time fam...

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Sherry Bellomo
Sherry Bellomo
24 de jan. de 2022

I have missed your blog. We are on the same page on many thing=) Love the Morning Brew, nothing like a little humor to soften the news. Love Business Casual as well. My next thermostat is so great and my favorite new gadget is my ring doorbell. I would never be without one and have no idea why I resisted for so long. So glad you are back=) Sherry

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