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Let Me Be Clear...LOL: The Tech Tea with Kimberly

After 27 years in tech, I am still baffled by the amount of competition among peers that still exist.

As a self-employed consultant, I DO NOT WANT YOUR JOB! I want you as a customer that turns into a client. THAT IS IT. I want to help you execute your projects, leverage vendor connections to get things done quickly, have successful implementations, and then move on to my next client unless we establish a retainer arrangement.


I have worked in undesirable environments a lot. It has made me want to be the company that I have always wanted to work for. With me you get excellent service to fix your problems....not just continually working on the same problems.

I want to be a partner that also enables your organization to function independently. I DO NOT WANT YOUR JOB. I want to assist where needed.

All projects are not technical. I have the expertise to look at your operational and infrastructure areas also. WE CAN DO IT ALL TOGETHER.


Just because I led an IT Division before, does not mean I want to lead your IT Division now. I have no idea what God's plan is for me later, but right now my assignment is to use all of the joy, pain, sunshine, and rain that I experienced to HELP. I am assigned to help.



I celebrated my birthday last week. I am so grateful.


Get acquainted with ChatGPT


My new tea is hibiscus tea, You should try it. you need consulting services??

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