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My CEO Life (Chief Encouragement Officer): The Tech Tea with Kimberly

Hey Tech Tea family!

It's been a minute, but I have some exciting news (exciting to me at least).

  1. My business is now certified as a DBE, MBE, and SBE.

  2. I passed the real estate exam! I cannot wait to get started using my tech expertise with this new skill.


It's all about AI right now in tech, so I will be taking some time to really dive into this topic. I have used ChatGPT and I am very impressed with the capabilities and how it saves time. I will keep you updated on how I am using it. In the meantime, here is a little info in case this is a new subject for you.

Have you used ChatGPT yet?

  • Yes

  • No


I am also seeing what is happening with tech in the real estate world.

My new research item is Proptech. "Proptech is a set of technologies accelerating the processes of renting, buying, selling, and management of buildings. Proptech examples include solutions that operate on big data, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and blockchain."

This is really cool and exciting to me.


K Bailey Business Group is now an LLC and making some great strides with current clients.

The new website is coming soon too.

If you would like to partner with me on any consulting opportunities, I would love to chat.


In between all of the learning and working, I have been having some fun. I have been to concerts, movies, dinners, the spa, and on road trips. My heart is happy and people say I am glowing. The great days definitely outnumber the not so great ones.

I am just out here protecting my peace and edges :)

Have a great day my tribe.

Until next time...

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