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Say My Name: The Tech Tea with Kimberly

Ok, my favorite title is Mommy...PERIOD!

However, I do recognize the impact that job titles can have on my career trajectory.

I had not given it much thought until very recently. I was doing my budget presentation and the question was asked "Is it Chief Bailey, Director Bailey, or both?". I shrugged and we all laughed.

Actually, I would like for you to help me out. Ready...Let's Go:)

  1. I am the first African American female Chief Information Officer and Information Technology Division Director for the City of Memphis. This came with no fanfare, but it is indeed a fact.

  2. I report to the Chief Financial Officer, who says Director Bailey. Chiefs don't report to Chiefs.

  3. There is a pay difference between the last CIO and's public info so Goggle it.

  4. I have been referred to as CIO Bailey.

  5. My team has a variety of names for me: Chief Bailey, Kim, Ms. Bailey, Ms. Kim (They are the best by the way).

  6. The person that appointed me calls me Kim, and I like that. He's really cool.

  7. External peers say Chief Bailey or Director Bailey.

Ok, that's enough for now. We may revisit this again in another blog: Part II

How important is it? Should I care more than I do? Will it determine what's next for me?

"Recent research indicates that your job title can affect everything from your level of mental exhaustion to your identity." According to this article.

If that is true, maybe I should be called

Queen Wonder Woman Your Majesty of IT Memphis in the City

because my mental exhaustion is identified as record breaking.

I got this mug from my great friend and I believe it is 100% accurate.

So, what do you think? What do you suggest I call myself? (be kind).

Does your current title fit your role?

What is the title you are aspiring to be? (Mine is housewife, but I digress)

No matter what, I am going to keep working like the Full Time Multitasking Ninja that I am.

I love what I do and no title will be able to rob me of my IT joy.

If you read this, my title for you is family. Let's toast to that!

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Sherry Bellomo
Sherry Bellomo
Aug 10, 2021

This is a tricky one! I personally prefer Chief but I kind of feel it is more important that you pay me what I am worth than what title you give me.

Replying to

I agree!

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