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Think Bigger: The Tech Tea with Kimberly

This is rare for me to wake up with so much on my brain, especially on a Saturday morning. My eyes opened at 4:30 am just thinking about my business and what I should be doing now and next.

  1. I am a certified DBE. I would like to do the process for a couple other certifications as well. I woke up thinking about the next steps with that.

  2. I have the capacity to service two more consulting clients. It is time to get those two signed and ready to work. I'm not sure who they are, but we will find each other soon.

  3. I am studying for an exam that I need to buckle down and focus on to get it done. This will be a great addition to my self-employment journey.

I did an interview for a magazine and saw the introductions below:

I saw this and immediately felt like I need to start thinking bigger. Who wouldn't want to work with a "Powerhouse IT Consultant"? I downplay what I do more often than I should. I am fully aware of why I do that, and it has a lot to do with protecting myself from disappointment. I really need to stop worrying about what will not work and leverage what is working.

I am also expanding beyond IT consulting. I have a client that I am consulting with for multiple infrastructure projects. I am really enjoying this and I find it to be a welcomed change of pace.

Just call me a "Powerhouse Consultant"

Anyway, I do need to think bigger and not be so protective about the unknown. Things always have a way of working out.


I did a really fun radio interview with my daughter on yesterday.

Click the photo to see the interview!


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Happy Saturday and don't forget...

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